December 2020

Last updated Monday 21st December 2020, 8.15 pm, SFH

Where we have been what we have seen

It was a great relief to be able to resume walks in December. 

Thursday 10th December

12 people set off in two groups led by Paul and Sue Hazelden from Royal Fort Gardens. The students had been encouraged to go home by the previous day so it was easy to navigate safely to Luke Jerram’s Palm Temple, a stunning piece of artwork brightening the courtyard outside the University of Bristol’s Chemistry Department. From there we went on to Brandon Hill where both groups learned more about what we could see from others present. Fantastic weather! Thanks to David for some of the photos: click on each one to enlarge it.

Sunday 13th December

Clevedon,  Cadbury Camp, Weston Common circular walk. About 8.5 miles. There will be mud and 3 steady climbs. Contact Liz Hall or Sue O’Hara to book a place.

Thursday 17th December

Sue Haslingden and Sue Bartlett are offering a 4.5 mile walk  from Flax Bourton up Bourton Coombe and back past Barrow Gurney monastery. Please contact one of the Sue’ if you would like to join them.


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