February 2019

Updated Monday 1st April, 8.45 pm, SFH

SATURDAY 2nd February

The first of our experimental SATURDAY walks necessitated a change of plan because of the heavy snow, so a local walk from Cross Elms Lane was offered. 

Haresfield Beacon/Standish Wood. The route goes east up the Painswick Valley before joining the Cotswold Way to return in a large circle round Scottsquar Hill and the Haresfield Beacon. David McGregor.


Thursday 7th February – occasional lunch

11 people met for a very convivial lunch at Hunters. Want to join us? Thursday 2nd May is the next.

Thursday 14th February (medium)

Sara  Willmott led this lovely walk up Crook Peak on a beautiful sunny , rather breezy, day, with 13 walkers.

The only ‘true’ peak in the Mendips, the name ‘Crook’ derives from an old English word
cruc which means peak.

Not sure how the sheep would get back down!

Sunday 17th February

Five people went along with  Janet Thomas to do a “Recce” of the walk she will be leading 17th March.
We drove to Tintern Abbey (Monmouthshire) and parked nearby .. then started our climb towards “Devil’s Pulpit” … top of the hill with breathtaking views …
Then back down the hill enjoying the welsh countryside…
“This is what to expect for Janet’s walk in March”

Thursday 28th February (short)

Dyrham Park. On a bitterly cold day, we were fortunate to be able to join one of the volunteers in a walk through the deer park before continuing our planned walk. At this time of year, the stags and does are usually together: before long the stags will tend to separate themselves. ‘Billy (no mates)’ is usually on his own, and last year a gaggle of young stags hovered between the two groups: too ‘grown up’ to stay with the does and their young, not quite grown up enough to dare to join the stags! David McGregor.

Slideshow of (mostly) deer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After lunch in the NT tea rooms, we explored the house (click for larger version)


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