The Bristol Bridges Walk

Updated Tuesday 03/03/2020 10.15 pm SFH

Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge

In our latest Newsletter, I wrote a piece about The Königsberg Bridge Problem, which made reference to a beautiful book: ‘From Brycgstow to Bristol in 45 Bridges‘ by Jeff Lucas and Thilo Gross (available to order from Bristol Books and all good booksellers). 

The book details a circular walk which crosses each of these 45 bridges once, and only once, from the Avonmouth in the west to St Anne’s Footbridge in the east. 

The Club has bought a copy of the book, and at least some of us are incorporating sections of the walk into our forays, in the hope that we may be able to complete the whole thing as a Club venture. We’re not able to tackle it sequentially at the moment because some of the early bridges are currently closed, but we’ll see how we get on. 

If you’d like to borrow the book, please ask our Walks Co-ordinator (who also has other useful books and maps available). 

The first two Bridge walks were the Short walks on Thursday 23rd January and Thursday 27th February.

Bristol Bridges 1: City Centre, bridges 1-8, Thursday 23rd January 2020

18 people tackled this walk on an overcast but not too cold day, after a very cold spell which followed some torrential rainstorms, so we were fortunate to be able to linger at each bridge. You can find lots of photos here. For lunch, most of us repaired to the Royal Navy Volunteer in King Street, a pub worth remembering! 

Bristol Bridges 2: The Cut and Harbourside, bridges 23-35 inclusive

16 people tackled this slightly more strenuous walk on a delightfully sunny day which fell during a spell of very wet and windy weather. There are lots of photos here (with possibly more to come …). For lunch, we walked along the waterfront to The Grain Barge, where despite our unexpectedly large party they did (most of) us proud. 

The day was brought to an even more interesting end by 9 of us taking advantage of a special group offer from Bristol Ferries, where we could travel for £1 each. The ferry Emily took us downstream where we glimpsed the Matthew in dry dock, and then back to Bristol Temple Meads, passing beneath most of Bridges 1-8! Most of us disembarked here, but a few remained aboard to go back to the Centre. 

I shall continue to update this page with future bridge walks!

Sue Hazelden


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