April 2019

Updated 1st May 2019, 8.15pm, SROH

Sunday 7th April

Marshfield and Charmy Down Airfield. Walk 9 miles, drive 40 miles. LR 172, Exp 155, GR ST776736, postcode for parking SN14 8LZ. Gill Carter

15 members did the nine miles walk on a fine dry day, led by Gill Carter. Although we had challenging climbs… But it was very enjoyable






Thursday 11th April (medium)

Wye Valley, Kymin, Monmouth, walk 6 miles, drive 60 miles. LR 162, Exp OL14, GR 537100. Andy and Lorna Renshaw

On a beuatiful sunny spring day, 14 of us enjoyed a lovely walk lead by Lorna and Andy in Monmouth walking along the river Wye then across to Gloucester climbing up  to the Kymin hill. Stopping at the  18 century Naval temple then having a relaxing drink at the pub.



Thursday 25th April (short)

“In Brunel’s Footsteps”, linear 4 mile City Walk, Temple Meads to Clifton Village. (Exp 155 or Bristol A-Z). Car-free walk. Margaret Ruse

Sunday 28th April

Abergavenny, Blorenge,Llanfoist. 1500ft steep climb. Views. Possibly slippery descent. Walk 8 miles, drive 90 miles. Exp OL13, LR 161, SO283133, Steve Day.

Walk on Blorenge, Abergavenny on Sunday 28th April
There were 9 brave souls who turned up at Cross Elms Lane at 9.00 a.m for this walk. Well done to them as the effects of Storm Hanna and Steve Day’s description of the walk as “Severe” on the website was enough to put anyone off. We had 2 newcomers to the group in Marwan Al-Khalil and Barry Davies, friends of Steve. Carol an active member some years ago also appeared.The weather forecast was for calm and dry conditions.
After an hour’s drive to Llanfoist we set off up the steep ( approx 1 in 5, 20% ) hill through a beautifully lush green gorge. The initial hill was hard going but only lasted about a mile. Soon we were walking around the hill to The Punchbowl where there is a peaceful lake, an ideal stop for our coffee stop. We continued uphill and around to the main edge working our way through old remains of quarry tramways used for carrying grit-stone to be made into millstones. The view from the edge across to the Sugarloaf and Skirrid I find inspiring so we stopped to admire the views. We continued up to cairn and trig point,( 552m).
Lunch was taken at the radio aerials. Some very kind and humorous hikers were just conveniently vacating it with some cheeky cajoling from Steve! We used the new Gillets Jeune walking along the road to the ice cream  van. Thank you Lorna for acting as a very efficient back marker. After indulging in ice creams for those who wanted one we passed a pond to descend gradually around the West side of Blorenge and back safely down the steep gorge to the car park at about 3.45. We were back at Cross Elms Lane for 5 p.m. We were lucky with the weather and everyone on the walk coped well.
Steve Day


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