July 2018

Sunday 1st- Dolebury Warren and Black Down

Six of us enjoy a walk led by Suzanne Hadsfield. Thanks to our only man, Gordon, for the photos.


Thursday 12th July (medium) – Kings Wood and Windscombe.

Leader: Alison Ranken. No photos.

Sunday 15th – Quantock Combes and Ridge

An excellent walk to the Quantocks led by Gill Carter when 13 souls enjoyed great views and the sunshine.

Photos from Gordon and Hilda



Thursday 26th July (short) – Grommit Unleashed!

On the hottest day of the year so far, six of us met near the Cathedral to follow parts of the Grommit Unleashed trail. If you hover over a photo its title will appear: the first number is where on our route we met these characters, and the second is their number on the trail. If you click on a photo you’ll get a slightly larger image, and this may enable you to see which of our number was complimented for his Wallace-like grin.

We met two more members exploring with their grandchildren, and a sensible seventh person joined us for lunch at The Guild. On a cooler day we would have extended our walk into the afternoon and found the fantastically pink Grommit in Royal Fort Gardens, but he will have to wait for another day. Leader: Sue Hazelden.

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