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(Updated 30th June 2017, 11.30 pm, SFH)

David Legg

We have news from Hazel Trapnell that her father David passed away on Saturday 27 May. David spent several weeks in Southmead Hospital but was able to return to the Garden House at St Monica’s where he died, well cared for and comfortable.

Only last summer we celebrated David’s 99th birthday with a walk around the Kingsweston Estate. We will miss him and send our condolences to Hazel.

Collection at Don Walter’s funeral

Many of us from Stoke Lodge Ramblers joined Don’s family and friends at his funeral on Friday 2nd June, filling the chapel at Canford Crematorium, and afterwards at Berwick Lodge. It was a very moving and personal occasion, and Don would have felt proud of Pat and the family for their contributions.

Pat writes: “I had to let you know, and perhaps others would like to know, that £890 were raised for the David Nott Foundation in the box alone. A phenomenal amount and it is  so wonderful that Don’s unexpected death will help to save life somewhere else in the world. An immense thank you to you all.”

  • Interesting website

We met a Cotswold Ranger one Sunday last year, and he was promoting opportunity to do the Cotswold Way in short stages. Their website is


 There are  a lot of downloadable walks there which may prove of use to short and medium leaders? (SRO 08/11/16)

  • We are updating the website and photos of walks and events are moving to the Photo Gallery. Look there now for photos from our most recent walks, the St Ives Weekend (thanks Gordon), the Cranham / Sheepscombe walk (thanks Gordon) which included our new gate in Lady’s Wood, and all the photos from the Waterfalls Walks, our 30th Anniversary and the Butcombe Trail. (SFH 23/11/16)
  • Update from St Ives! Margaret Ruse writes: “Those members who went to St. Ives will be pleased to know that the collection we made towards ‘The South West Coast Path Challenge’ raised £80.00. I have sent a cheque for this amount to the South West Coast Path Association on behalf of Stoke Lodge Ramblers. Thank you all very much for your support. I think those of us who walked some of the Coast Path towards Zennor appreciated the importance of the maintenance of this path.” Photos from the weekend to follow! (SFH 19/10/16)
  • Brass plaque now installed on our new Pedestrian Gate in the Cotswolds -see item and photos below. (LNB 16/7/16)
  • Walks Programme for JULY TO DECEMBER 2016 now UPDATED on WALKS PROGRAMME page. (SFH 19/10/16)


We have sponsored another “Kissing Gate”, this one in the Cotswolds near Painswick. It has been installed by the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens and is a Pedestrian Gate to replace an old and difficult stone stile at the entrance to Lady’s Wood at Sheepscombe (GR 888109) – the Lady in question was Anne Boleyn! We plan to visit the site later in the year on Sunday October 23rd for a walk led by Margaret Ruse. Photo below. (LNB 17/5/16)

The new SLR Pedestrian Gate in Lady's Wood.
The new SLR Pedestrian Gate in Lady’s Wood.

LATER: I visited the site of the new gate yesterday and installed a brass plaque on the pillar to the right of the gate (photo below). The plaque reads:-

“This gate is sponsored by Stoke Lodge Ramblers Walking Club, Bristol and was installed by the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens in May 2016” (LNB 16/7/16)

New gate with our SLR brass plaque on the RHS gate post.
New gate with our SLR brass plaque on the RHS gate post.


  • Davina MacRae has just sent the following information about LACING UP YOUR BOOTS TO ENSURE COMFORTABLE FOOTWARE AND AVOIDING SORE FEET. She and June Hall recently visited Chepstow Race Course and attended a seminar on this subject. (LNB 09/04/16)

Just click on the link below to access:-

Boots – Lacing Techniques




Group taking a break in front of "another" tor early in the walk!
Group taking a break in front of “another” tor during the Haytor weekend (Oct ’15)



Group crossing an ancient stone bridge early in the walk with Walks Leader Andrew on the right-HAYTOR WEEKEND
Group crossing an ancient stone bridge early in the walk with Walks Leader Andrew on the right – HAYTOR WEEKEND 10/10/15


Janet and Suzanne looking pleased with their efforts on David McGregor's Brecon Beacons Horseshoe walk (21/6/15)
Janet and Suzanne looking pleased with their efforts on David McGregor’s Brecon Beacons Horseshoe walk (21/6/15)


Short Notes for Walking Group Members

What are the responsibilities of members of a walking party?

1. To wear suitable footwear, usually boots, with soles still providing grip.

2. To wear clothing suitable for the weather and the time of year. Remember that temperature will be lower at higher levels and wind probably stronger.

3. To carry a sufficient but not excessive quantity of water. You should have enough to drink whenever you are thirsty but bear in mind a litre of water weighs 2½ pounds.

4. To carry a small personal first aid kit sufficient to deal with minor cuts or blisters.

5. On a walk, make sure that the person BEHIND YOU clearly sees the way you take at junctions or where paths diverge.

6. Allow the leader to set the pace. He or she will be bearing in mind the ability of all the group members.

7. Only overtake the leader with the leader’s agreement.

8. If a group member is finding it hard going, make sure the leader knows.

9. If you are taking to the bushes for a private loo stop, tell the back-marker.

10. Be aware of your own safety and that of others.

Don Walter.

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