October 2017

Updated Tuesday 21st November, 1 pm

October Outings

We have quite a few more photos of the weekend to upload and they will appear as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience. SFH, 27/10/17

Sunday 1 October

Sharpness, Puriton and Berkeley:  Dick Dennett led 7 of us who mainly managed to avoid the showers


Thursday 5 October (medium)

Brean Down, David McGregor led 10 of us . Beautiful weather and superb panoramic views

Friday 13 – Monday 16 October – Club Weekend, Crickhowell 

Apologies for delay in posting all photos of Club Weekend. These things called holidays get in the way of SLR business … I (S O’H) have put some photos into a slideshow: clicking on a photo as it goes past should enable you to study it more closely. See below…

On Saturday the long walk group walked up to the top of Sugar Loaf


On Sunday the long walk group walked on the other side of the river Usk. A steep climb and then walked along a ridge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thursday 26 October (short)

Eight of us set out from the Cathedral to visit Royal Fort Gardens and Brandon Hill, via the High Cross replica in Berkeley Square, and two others joined us at the pub for lunch.

Hollow  is just to the right of the entrance on Tankard’s Close.

Follow Me is close to the Tyndall Avenue entrance.

At Brandon Hill, one of our number climbed the Cabot Tower, while the rest of us attempted to admire the view. We then attempted to follow the Tree Trail before heading down Queens Parade and Brandon Steep, admiring the guerrilla sculpture by the late Bob Ballard.


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