August 2018

Last updated Monday 13th August, 8.45 pm, SFH


Sunday 5th August

Tresham, Alderley and Ozleworth
Leader: Sara Willmott

Thursday 9th August (medium) – training walk from Cross Elms Lane

Blaise Woods, Kingsweston Down and Shirehampton Golf Course

Leader: David McGregor

There was eight of us on this walk with David McGregor guiding us.
It was divided in four different section, and each two had a section to lead….
For your information, We had four different maps:
From Cross Elm to Blaise Estate
From Blaise to Kings Weston
From Kings Weston to Shirehampton Park Golf club
From the club back to Cross Elm.
A very enjoyable walk

Sunday 19th August


Leaders: Lorna and Andy Renshaw

14 of us enjoyed the walk in good weather. Some interesting old buildings



Thursday 23rd August (short)

Keynsham and River Avon

Leader: Gloria Isaacs

A very pleasant walk on a not too hot day. The photo I wish I’d taken was of a swan, we heard it beating its wings for take-off as we negotiated a tricky point on the river bank, invisible behind the trees. It then soared past us, briefly visible in a gap in those trees. Magnificent!

It was of course obligatory to wave to the train. My photos do no justice to the magnificent flowering displays at the marina and at the Lock Keeper (which proved to be an excellent pub!) SFH

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